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Headteacher & Staff Governors

Parent Governors

Local Authority Governors

Co-opted Governors

Associate Members

Alexandra Hardy, Headteacher, ex officio

Kirsty Pearce (term ends October 2018)

Steve Hayes (term ends April 2019)

Penny Church (term ends May 2018)

Dawn Persad

Laura Watkins (term ends November 2018)

Jessica Bates (term ends October 2018)


Gay Wenban-Smith (term ends May 2018)

Michelle Raistrick


Re Hobley (term ends February 2020)


Simon Lawrence (term ends May 2018)


Richard Garner (term ends March 2020)


Georgina Morley (term ends May 2018)


Lorna Burg (term ends May 2018)


Tim Baxter (term ends May 2018)


Elinor Hull (term ends June 2022)


We currently have one vacancy


Previous members of the Governing Body

Parent Governors: Michael Bellingham (term ended February 2016) & Jo Sandford Smith (term ended March 2016)


Staff Governor: Michael Anderson (term ended November 2015)


Community Governor: Ivana Jenkins (term ended in May 2015 with the restructure of the Governing Body)


Co-opted Governor: James Lee (resigned June 2018)