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Art and Design

The new Art and Design Programmes of Study at Key Stages 1 and 2 provides a basic framework for us to enhance. We interpret it flexibly and expand it through cross-curricular links and enrichment opportunities.


The framework requires that children are “using drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination and to further refine these skills and techniques as they progress through KS2.”   The whole school Creative Curriculum has ensured that drawing, painting and sculpture opportunities are mapped out term by term and year group by year group so that skills can be revisited and developed as children progress through the school.

Please see individual Curriculum Outlines for the skill being taught each term (link at the bottom of the page). 


Art units are linked with each year group’s termly topic focus and provide opportunities for investigating colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space through the three art media described above.


Some past projects have included:


Year 1 Topic ‘A Toy’s Story’:  Observational drawings of toys in charcoal, pastels and oil crayons.

Year 3 Topic Ancient Egyptians: Developing drawing skills through block print techniques to create studies of Egyptian Gods.  

Year 5 Topic Victorian London: Extending drawing skills and exploring perspective through pencil, felt tip and water colour studies of the art of Lowry.


Year 4 Topic The Romans:  Developing colour mixing skills using poster paint. Matching the shades that were created to the natural colours used in Roman art. The resulting mosaics depicted scenes from Roman life and were an opportunity to explore pattern.

Year 6 mini Topic Ourselves:  Linked with secondary transition, developing portraiture (with a focus on texture) using acrylic paint over tea-stained newspaper collage.



Year 2 Topic Sensational Safari:  Developing papier-mâché skills to create African animal masks.

Year 4 Topic Ancient Greece: Using clay to make coil pots.

Year 5 Topic The Aztecs: Exploring patterns when forming Aztec shields from clay.


Art and Technology

Years 1 to 6 are now regularly using iPads with their classes to explore the curriculum through animation where children create clay and Plasticine forms as part of the process.  For some examples of this fantastic process, please see our ‘Plastic Fantastic?’ campaign (link below).

Opportunities to learn about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers from a range of cultures and periods of history are built in to the art units e.g. Balinese batik methods and the influence of African mask sculptures on artists such as Picasso.


Enrichment opportunities

We continue to maintain a strong link with Chestnut Grove Academy, providing our teachers with Art INSET (through the Primary Links Programme) which is then carried out in the form of workshops led by the Art Coordinator and specialist teachers with selected year groups. Recent workshops have focussed on weaving, withy tree sculptures and cyanotope photography. Visits to galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery ensure that our children have gained the benefits of working directly with artists in new, collaborative and exciting ways. Replicating patterns at Brockwell Park's Swim and Art DayParents have also offered expertise (e.g. clay techniques and access to a kiln, batik sessions and in- depth painting workshops using acrylic paint).  In July 2018 classes from Year 4 took part in a combined swimming and art project at Brockwell Park Lido, where they learnt early techniques for replicating print patterns and had a swimming lesson in Brockwell Park's famous outdoor pool.

PTFA-Funded Art Projects, 2018

Last year, the PTFA generously funded a series of art projects, run by parent and specialist art teacher Ruth Jacob.  Ruth worked with Year 2, Year 3, Year 6, and the Rights Respecting Steering Group on a variety of projects using a broad range of media, from batik to watercolours to photography.  Please use the link below to find out more information on the PTFA Art Projects and for photographs of the children's work, which can also be see up around both the Balham and Streatham sites. 

See the Sustainability page for the 'Plastic Fantastic?' animations campaign run by our Rights Respecting Steering Group and Eco Teams.