Special Absence Request

We are aware that there are some special and exceptional circumstances when your child may not be able to attend school.  If you would like to request an absence please complete and print the Special Absence Request Form and return to the School Office.

Attendance and Punctuality

Henry Cavendish Primary School aims to encourage and assist all pupils to achieve excellent levels of attendance and punctuality.   We recognise that there is a direct link between regular attendance and good academic performance.  Pupils need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.  Irregular attendance undermines the educational process and will lead to educational disadvantage.  We therefore have a strict policy on attendance and punctuality.

Rights, Responsibilities and Roles of school, pupils and parents/carers

Henry Cavendish Primary School will work closely with parents should attendance or punctuality give cause for concern.   We expect and encourage pupils to have good attendance and to arrive on time.

Pupils will have individual records of attendance/punctuality acknowledged by the school.

Parents are legally responsible for ensuring their child’s regular and punctual attendance.   Parents are responsible for immediately informing the school of the reason for any absence in person or by phone call or email on every morning of absence.  This should be confirmed in writing when their child returns to school.   Parents will avoid arranging family holidays during term time.   Parents can expect the school to keep them fully informed of their child’s attendance/punctuality record.