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‘Growing Together’, our school motto, encapsulates what the curriculum at Henry Cavendish offers our children, and what it means for us as a learning community.  Every day, in every lesson, in a supportive and happy environment, children are encouraged to think deeper, and challenge themselves further. They are supported to recognise and pursue their own unique talents and interests, whilst developing a positive, growth mindset about their own challenges.


The spirit of this also guides the way our curriculum is designed, reviewed, evaluated and adapted by our staff team. Through action research, consultation with staff and Governors, feedback from our school community and professional development, we constantly explore and seek out new ways to provide even stronger, broader opportunities for our children.


This is how we strive to all meet our potential, and as a Unicef RRS school, aim to be the best we can be. This is how we grow together.



The following six aspirations underpin all aspects of our curriculum design:



Our curriculum will represent, value and celebrate the diverse society in which we live


To be the best they can be, children need to see themselves, their experiences and their communities mirrored in the curriculum they are taught.


The content of our curriculum seeks to achieve accuracy in representation. The curriculum design reflects an inclusive approach so that all our pupils have high expectations and aspirations for themselves.


All children will develop into confident, articulate communicators.


The ability to communicate confidently in life opens many doors, and is central to success in the world in which our children will grow up.


Our classrooms, in all subject areas, buzz with the sound of collaborative learning, ideas being discussed and exchanged, and a wide, ambitious vocabulary being taught and used. The value of talk as a learning tool is explicitly promoted. Our children all value having a voice, and are supported to use their voices to express themselves and promote positive change in the communities they are part of.


All children will be challenged.


Children want to be challenged. They want to know that we believe they are capable of great things. They want to feel safe to make mistakes as a part of striving for something greater in the end.


We are committed to creating a culture where they can do this. Therefore, in all subject areas, we present problem solving challenges in learning, where children seek their own answers.  We ask questions to help them deepen their understanding and consider what is possible. We never limit their ambition, and encourage them to have the highest possible aspirations. Our school is a community that embraces challenge.


The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.


Learning is at its best, and most powerful, when children are deeply engaged in it, opinionated about what they have learnt, passionate to find out more, and able to articulately share it with others.


The content of our Curriculum, from the texts chosen in English, to the topics selected in Humanities subjects, to the enrichment activities available in the Arts, are carefully selected to be relevant to the children’s lives, interests and futures, modern in their outlook and fully reflective of the diversity which makes Henry Cavendish such a special place. When the children speak about their learning, there is no doubt that they are growing into life-long learners.  We pride ourselves on this.


All children will use their creativity.


People, and children at Henry Cavendish, have different creative gifts and talents, and all of these are equally important.


Some may express their creativity through words, stories or poetry, while others express theirs through dance. Some may express theirs through music, as others do so in their solutions to how a scientific problem can be solved. What we are committed to is that, regardless of where a child’s creative talents lie, they will be valued and celebrated as a part of what makes them unique and special.


All children will become happy, empathetic and confident citizens.


Good well-being and mental health are central to positive self-image, motivation and resilience in school and the wider world, and as such we place it at the centre of everything we do at Henry Cavendish.  Personal and academic development are equally important within our community. 


Our Rights Respecting ethos shapes all aspects of school life and the way we interact with each other, placing tolerance, listening, understanding and support for others at the heart of all we do. 



For more information about how individual subject areas support this overall curriculum intent, please see the subject specific sections on this website. 



The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.

In Nursery and Reception children follow the EYFS curriculum.  Please the link below to learn more about provision for learning in the EYFS.

More subjects to follow shortly...!