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At Henry Cavendish, we are very passionate about providing the best possible education for every member of our school community. Our staff and children see themselves as life-long learners, and have worked together to devise the mission statement which underpins the design of our curriculum, which is: Create, Discover, Succeed Together.

A Creative Curriculum

Our creative curriculum is grouped into subject areas which are taught as part of Topic (English, History, Geography, Global Citizenship, Computing, Art, Design and Technology, and PSED) and subject areas which are taught discretely (Mathematics, Science, PE, RE, Reading, Music, and French). Our topics are taught on a half-termly basis in Key Stage 1 and 2 and begin with an immersive experience to hook the children into their learning. The subsequent learning is then planned to build on the interests of the children, with the flexibility in our timetables meaning that learning can be adapted and areas of the topic are explored in true depth.

Each term, we have created a whole-school theme which runs through the topics that our children study; for example, in the first half of the Autumn term, this is ‘Bright Lights, Big City’, where each year group studies a different element of the history of London. Every term has a key 'driver', a subject area which is the focus that term, so that all areas of Topic have equal prominence within our curriculum. A central theme running through topics also facilitates the meaningful sharing of learning within the school community.

Our curriculum is focused on the teaching of skills, and success comes from the way that the children learn to transfer their skills and learning between different subject areas. We ensure that children are rigorously taught the specific skills of each subject area – these form the basis of the success criteria for lessons. However the children are encouraged to draw on skills from other subject areas to help them succeed and be independent in their learning. Children reflect at the end of an activity or sequence of lessons on how successful they were and what skills helped them to succeed. As a result of this approach, children at Henry Cavendish grow up to be confident, reflective learners, who achieve to the best of the abilities and, when they leave, are ready to succeed in the next stages of their lives.


Each lesson or sequence of lessons is framed by an exploratory question, which the children seek to answer through applying the skills in the success criteria. They are encouraged to find their own ways to proceed with any enquiry, which develops their resilience and independence as learners.  We celebrate and learn from the unique talents that each child brings to their learning and collaboration is key. In our classrooms, there is a strong focus on quality talk to support learning and we take time to teach the children specific talk structures across the school which develop a range of communication skills, such as active listening, taking on different roles within group situations and offering constructive feedback. This gives our children the skills to communicate confidently in a wide range of situations, including valuing their collaboration with, and the opinions of, others. As a Rights Respecting School, we also promote working together through recognising and praising when children show that they are respecting the right of others.

Learning and life at Henry Cavendish never stands still. Details about the current topics being taught can be found using the links below to year group curriculum outlines. Visits to the school will show how our curriculum works in the classroom, and why this is such a special and unique community.


Click the links below to find out more about how we are teaching the curriculum at Henry Cavendish and for the Curriculum Outlines page.

Links to subjects taught through Topic, where possible:
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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.

In Nursery and Reception children follow the EYFS curriculum.  Please the link below to learn more about provision for learning in the EYFS.