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There is no compulsory programme of study for drama in primary schools, however at Henry Cavendish we recognise the importance of drama and kinaesthetic learning across the curriculum as we value in particular the impact on raising confidence and self-esteem, speaking and listening and language development.  We believe that opportunities for exploring a theme through drama provide children with hands-on experience of a theme which makes learning relevant, memorable and fun.  For some children ‘doing’ and ‘experiencing’ a learning opportunity is the best possible way for them to retain information and makes links between subject areas.


Opportunities for acting out, role play, hot seating and developing characters through drama give children the chance to rehearse orally and build a depth of understanding which they can then transfer into the written work.  ‘Talk for Writing’ (rehearsing, planning and acting out elements of stories or characters) is a major part of our planning process, particular in Key Stage 1, and provides an opportunity for children to share ideas and develop opinions and vocabulary in a relaxed and safe environment.


Drama and Technology

Multi-media experiences, such as using green screens, iMovie, animations and similar applications are widely used to explore and develop different genres of text within cross-curricular learning.  For example Lego animations of the history of Florence Nightingale, news reports on deforestation filmed using green screens, movie trailers for a film about the Great Fire of London. These highly interactive activities then feed back in to topic-related writing activities and an in-depth understanding of the subject area.


Class Assemblies

Henry Cavendish children also star in a termly class assembly from Nursery to Year 6, in which they show-case their learning for the term in highly professional and fun performances for their families.  These mini-productions, in which every child participates, build confidence and pride for individuals as they are supported by classmates and teachers alike. Every year our annual nativity, held at both sites for EYFS and Key Stage 1, is a highly professional and successful production in which every Year 2 child is encouraged to take on a speaking role. The Year 6 end of year production is also a spectacular performance, written and performed by the entire year group at each site. Children come together to create a script, choose music, manage sound and lighting and stage manage the production, taking into account costumes, make-up and props.


Please use the links below to see just a few of the drama projects that have happened at Henry Cavendish.

'The Great Fire' (trailer)

Still image for this video
Trailer for a film, 'The Great Fire', summarising the main events of the Great Fire of London in 1666. Made using iMovie by children in class 2P (Autumn 2017).