Mentoring is a form of personal relationship where a more experienced person offers support to a less experienced individual. A Learning Mentor is a person who focuses on supporting pupils overcome barriers to their learning.

At Henry Cavendish, we want every pupil to achieve success. Our Learning Mentors support pupils in doing this by offering different types of help. They may:

  • Enable pupils to build their confidence, motivation and self esteem
  • Assist pupils in making friends and resolving conflicts
  • Help pupils to develop anti-bullying strategies
  • Help pupils to improve their attendance and punctuality
  • Support pupils who have experienced a bereavement
  • Enable pupils to develop better behaviour management strategies
  • Support pupils’ transitions from primary to secondary school.

Learning Mentors work closely with other staff, parents and outside agencies. They may support children in class, in small group settings or on a one to one basis. They run clubs such as Breakfast Club, and set up systems within the school such as Peer Mediation.