At both of our sites we have a school kitchen where fresh meals are prepared daily by the catering company and are of a very high quality. The meals are very popular and are enjoyed by the children and staff each day. The menu is varied, reflecting the cultural diversity of the school as well as offering a range of vegetarian choices. A menu is normally sent home before the start of each new term. Copies of menus are also displayed on the noticeboards for parents and children to see. We work very closely with the catering company and meet with them on a regular basis. All our teaching assistants are also meals supervisors and are therefore familiar to the children. They are responsible at lunchtimes and offer any necessary support.

Parents, can if they wish, provide a packed lunch for their child if they are in Year 1 to Year 6. We are working towards a 100% uptake of school meals and urge parents to contact us if a special diet (for medical or religious reasons) is required. We do not allow sweets, chocolate or drinks in packed lunches and encourage healthy eating. Water is provided for all children at lunchtimes.

From September 2014, the government introduced UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals). All children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to UIFSM if they are NOT eligible for FSM (Free School Meals). FSM is for families whose household income is less than £16,190. FSM also attracts additional funding for your child which we can use to pay for school trips, etc. Please download the UIFSM and FSM & PP registration form or come along to the school office and speak confidentially with one of the school administration staff.

Payment for school meals must always be made in advance, on MONDAYS, weekly monthly or termly. Payments can be made on-line,  through School Gateway The office staff will supply you with the necessary information. . Currently school meals are £10.00 per week (£2.00 per day).

Spring & Summer 2018 Menu


Special Dietary Requirements