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Now fully integrated into our Topic Curriculum, Science retains its prominence as a core subject area, with added opportunities to contextualise and deepen learning through links with overall topics. 

In most half terms, the children’s scientific learning links directly with their wider topics, although there are some topics that are still taught more discretely, due to their nature. Within this methodology, the children are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding of the National Curriculum.  We place a strong emphasis on investigative and exploratory learning, so the development of ‘Working Scientifically’ skills has a strong emphasis within our curriculum.  At every opportunity, learning at Henry Cavendish in Science-focused lessons is hands-on and creative, which fosters a love of learning and supports the children in developing transferable skills such as the abilities to ask questions and problem solve. A lot of the learning in lessons is collaborative, so there are many opportunities to promote our whole-school focus on speaking and listening skills alongside scientific learning.  


To ensure Science retains its high profile, it is the key driver subject behind the whole-school topics in two half terms each year.  These topics are ‘Explorers and Inventors’ in Spring 1 and ‘Wonderful World’ in Summer 2.  In these half terms, learning in other subject areas has been matched to compliment and broaden the learning in the key Science topic.  Whole-school activities, such as assemblies and competitions, focus on promoting Science in these half terms.


There are also many enrichment activities at Henry Cavendish to promote Science.  We work alongside the other schools in the Streatham and Balham Cluster Group to organise three special workshops each year for Pupil Premium children, designed to broaden their exposure to different areas of Science – these are often run in partnership with local secondary schools.  Our More Able children recently reached the national finals of the Young Scientists competition, using some of the learning from their weekly enrichment club.  Learning in classrooms is also regularly supported by a wide range of trips and guest speakers from outside companies.  


We assess Science at Henry Cavendish using the Target Tracker system. Using the statements from this enables us to ensure that there is progression across the school in the expectations of skills and understanding acquired by the children. The children’s progression against the statements of the relevant year group is assessed each half term, with a summative judgement made at the end of each academic year. 


In the Foundation stage, children begin to develop an understanding of science through the broad area ‘Understanding the World’. Children explore and find out about the world around them and begin to ask questions about it.


Please click the link for the National Curriculum Science programme of study and to find out more about what your child is learning in class see links to the class Curriculum Outlines below.