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Tree Tops (After School and Holiday Clubs)

Henry Cavendish -Tree Tops (including Breakfast Club,  After School clubs and Holiday Camps)

The government has set out a core offer of extended services that they would like all schools to offer access to (in partnership with local authorities and local providers):

  • Quality childcare – high quality ‘wraparound’ childcare for primary age pupils, either on the school site or signposted to local providers
  • Out of school activities – a varied menu of activities to be on offer such as homework clubs and booster classes, sport, dance and drama, arts and crafts, special interest clubs
  • Parenting support – including information sessions for parents and family learning sessions to allow children to learn with their parents
  • Signposting to a wide range of services – to provide support at an early stage for children and young people with additional needs such as behavioural, emotional, health or other difficulties.
  • Community access to school facilities – to enable greater community use of school facilities


Extended services are additional services and activities offered by schools to pupils, their families and the community. These services often take place outside of normal school hours and can include access to childcare, sports activities and support for learning.