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Sport Premium and Funding

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What is the PE and Sport Premium?

Over the past four years, the government has provided additional funding to help improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The funding from the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport has gone directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and physical education for their pupils, in ways they think most appropriate and that will have the biggest impact for their school. The sports funding can only be spent on sport and physical education provision in schools. This year the grant given to Henry Cavendish is £23,000.

Physical Education and Sport at Henry Cavendish Primary School

We place great value on sports and physical education and ensure that physical education is an integral part of our curriculum.  We devote many resources to this curriculum area and as a result, our pupils are confident and skilful.  They demonstrate resilience when taking part in physical activities and are keen to try new and challenging activities. We effectively use the opportunities that physical education naturally provides to develop pupil’s leadership skills.  Henry Cavendish pupils enjoy taking part in physical education and the personal challenges and rewards it brings.  We promote self and peer assessment and pupils are keen to offer support to each other.  The Association for Physical Education (afPE) awarded Henry Cavendish their Quality Mark In 2016.


Every child from Year 1 through to Year 6 receives a minimum of two hours Physical Education a week with one of these hours delivered by a specialist sports coach. The class teacher teaches the other hour. Pupils in Nursery and Reception receive one lesson a week from our own sports coach in order to encourage sports participation and enjoyment from a young age.  One of the prime areas for learning in the EYFS is physical development and therefore there is already an emphasis on physical activities.


Every child from Year 3 – Year 6 has the opportunity to attend weekly swimming lessons.  We are fortunate to have our own teaching pool and an experienced swimming teacher.  Children learn to swim in our teaching pool and then experience deep water and increase swimming stamina through lessons at Streatham Leisure Centre.  By the end of Year 6 84% of our pupils can swim a minimum of 25 meters.

Our Aims for 2017/18

To increase confidence, knowledge and skills of staff

To ensure all pupils have the opportunity to experience a range of physical and sporting experiences and to take part in competition

To improve playtime provision

To ensure equipment and resources are maintained and renewed to a high standard

Planned Expenditure for 2017/18



Nature of Expenditure

Short Term Impact

Expected Long Term Impact

To increase confidence, knowledge and skills of staff

Professional Development training for staff to develop their own pedagogy; subject knowledge, and advanced approaches to teach PE


First aid training for all staff


Continued development and upskilling of teachers

Increased adult participation and coaching in PE and sports sessions


Staff skilled and confident to administer first aid


Pupils experience the highest quality physical education and sport opportunities


Confident staff teaching outstanding lessons


Staff able to mentor others to develop pedagogy


Support staff confident and able to support pupils through coaching and training

To ensure all pupils have the opportunity to experience a range of physical and sporting experiences and to take part in competition

Extra-curricular clubs after school and lunchtime – subsidised or full paid places for some eligible for pupil premium (and other disadvantaged groups).


Lunch time clubs run by specialist sports coach


Get City Kids Surfing 2 day residential programme


To ensure active participation in physical education and sports for all

More pupils engaged in extra-curricular sport

Pupils for whom sport is a strength are given opportunities to enhance and refine skills and take part in additional performances and competitions

Pupils experience and learn about surfing, beach cleaning, swimming and ocean water safety

Develop confidence, abilities, leadership skills and self-esteem for pupils through active participation in a range of PE and sports activities

Diminishing the difference between pupils eligible for pupil premium (and other disadvantaged groups) and those who are not in terms of participation, achievement and progress

Pupils learn about the sea and the benefits it can have emotionally and physically.


To improve playtime provision

Playground games training for support staff.



Fun and enjoyment for pupils

Pupils feel rested and happy to engage with classroom learning

after playtimes

Increased staff involvement in supporting playtime games

Fewer playtime behaviour issues at playtimes

Playtimes to be a productive and enjoyable and where pupils learn and play safely

No behaviour issues at playtimes

To ensure equipment and resources are maintained and renewed to a high standard


Maintaining, renewing and replenishing PE and sports resources and kit 



Wide range of resources and activities available for pupils to use at playtimes

High quality resources available for full range of activities

Early Years equipment to develop physical skills through play and directed activities

Clubs and matches resourced appropriately and to high standard

All pupils provided with appropriate kit for matches, competitions and events

Quality physical education sessions, with appropriate and differentiated resources

Pupils engaged in physical activity at playtimes

Pupils able to be independent learners – choosing own resources and leading own games as well as those directed by adults


To ensure all pupils have the opportunity to experience a range of physical and sporting experiences and to take part in competition.


Borough competitions, leagues and events entry, and teacher support from Moving Matters School sports competition partnership and School Games partnership 


Able to participate in a number of leagues, tournaments and galas as detailed in competition calendar

Provide a competitive environment for pupils to train and compete

More pupils engaged in competitive sport (inter-school)

Pupils are upskilled and more confident in a wide range of physical education and sporting activities available in London

Collaborate with external agencies; community partners and other schools to promote further opportunity for pupils to develop