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Committee Roles

Below is an overview of the roles formally appointed as PTFA committees at the AGM In October:


Chair(s):  The Chair of the Committee with overall responsibility for the PTFA and for liaising with senior staff at the School.

Vice Chair(s):  This is a non-specific role with a key emphasis on supporting the Chair and helping them with the general workload. Also, taking on projects that need some research done – for example, how can we use fundraising websites to make money?

Treasurer:  This involves maintaining a record of all expenditure, managing the bank account, issuing cheques and payments, managing cash at events and a lot of counting of small change!

Secretary:  Taking minutes at meetings and circulating them, organising dates and meetings and other general administrative tasks.

Communications:  Writing any information, booklets, flyers etc that is required by the PTFA.
Membership Liaising with all the different parts of the school and the wider community that the PTFA need to communicate with, for example, organising coffee mornings with new class reps.

Fundraising:  Sourcing and organising prizes for all raffles, silent auctions and event sponsorships.