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Geography Curriculum Intent


1. Our curriculum will represent, value and celebrate the diverse society in which we live.

Our Geography curriculum is designed to ensure that, every year, pupils study the wider world with diversity to places. There are regular opportunities to explore similarities and differences between locations and cultures. Within our Geography learning, we seek opportunities to challenge stereotypes and learn from experts. 

2. All children will develop into confident, articulate communicators.

Our Geography curriculum is designed to be rigorous in teaching our children the subject-specific vocabulary they need to discuss, explain, reason about and share their learning about places and issues with a wide variety of audiences. We want the children to be confident and articulate in discussing climate change, sustainability, positive action for change and other issues that are vital in the world in which they will grow up.

3. All children will be challenged.

Our curriculum presents challenge, in the way the children have to think, the issues they are presented with and the expectations that they will find out their own answers to geographical questions. Although local area study is prominent across the school, from Year 2 onwards, the children learn about places outside of their own personal experiences.

4. The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.

We want our children to love Geography, and be curious and inquisitive about the places and issues they learn about. There is breadth to the topics they study each year, depth to the learning which takes place, and every opportunity is explored to make the learning practical and hands-on. Our curriculum takes advantage of the fact that we are a London school.

5. All children will use their creativity.

Our children’s geographical learning offers them opportunities to be creative in both the way they present it and the ways they devise to pursue their lines of enquiry in fieldwork.  We want the children to appreciate that Geography is a subject area where they can be creative.

6. All children will become happy, empathetic and confident citizens. Our curriculum is designed to promote the key messages of global citizenship, sustainability and making choices with a positive environmental outcome from the earliest age. It is modern and forward-thinking in its outlook. As a RRS school, we want our children to be passionate about ensuring people can access their rights all around the world.

How is Geography Taught at Henry Cavendish?

Whole School Topic Overview and Progression of Skills

We constantly review our curriculum in order for it to be relevant and of interest to the children, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for the next stages of their lives throughout and after primary school. The progression of knowledge and skills the children need to learn have been carefully sequenced, and the summary of their learning journey in Geography is below or click the link to enlarge.