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Music Curriculum Intent


1. Our curriculum will represent, value and celebrate the diverse society in which we live.

We explore music which celebrates diversity and allows children to identify with musicians and music that represent their cultural heritage.

2. The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.

Our Music curriculum aims to give pupils the skills, understanding and enjoyment to communicate using music effectively. Our ambition is for our pupils to develop their confidence and competence in order to leave Henry Cavendish musically literate and active participants in musical settings both digitally and physically.

3. All children will be challenged.

Being challenged in Music fosters children’s enjoyment of and engagement with the subject. We introduce ideas or concepts at early stages where appropriate and ensure that topics, when revisited, are taught at a progressively more challenging level. Wherever possible, learning is presented in a way that enables children to explore and shape how they progress.

4. The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.

We aim to provide a breadth of learning experiences in every year group, to build on the interests of all children. Using a range of musical instruments and musical software, our pupils learn how to apply their skills in different contexts. We ground learning in real world scenarios and performance opportunities both on and off site, which aim to inspire and tackle circumstances our pupils may face in their wider lives now and in the future. In each sequence of learning, pupils are provided with opportunities to work collaboratively to share ideas and overcome challenges.

5. All children will use their creativity.

In Music, we aim to empower children to make choices about their learning and be creative in the implementation. We aim to give children creative composition opportunities throughout their music lessons in the school using a range of instruments and knowledge as they develop their musical skills.

6. All children will become happy, empathetic and confident citizens.

At Henry Cavendish we aim to give every child the opportunity to perform to an audience within the school and the wider community, this happens a minimum of twice a year for every year group. We aim for performances in singing and from year 1 -6 on an instrument.

How is Music taught at Henry Cavendish?

We constantly review our curriculum in order for it to be relevant and of interest to the children, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for the next stages of their lives throughout and after primary school. The progression of knowledge and skills the children need to learn have been carefully sequenced, and the summary of their learning journey in Music is above or click the link to enlarge.