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Science Curriculum Intent


1. Our curriculum will represent, value and celebrate the diverse society in which we live

Throughout our Science curriculum we aim to share and celebrate the accomplishments of a range of diverse Scientists. We seek to invite STEM professionals to share their own experiences into school to enrich our pupils Science journey.

2. All children will develop into confident, articulate communicators.

Our Science curriculum is language-rich, helping our children to master subject-specific terminology and therefore communicate their ideas and understanding of Science confidently with any audience. 

3. All children will be challenged.

Our children are constantly challenged by their scientific learning, through asking questions, seeking answers and solving problems. Our curriculum is progressive and builds systematically on prior learning.

4. The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.

Learning in Science at Henry Cavendish is exciting and engaging, and hands-on wherever possible.  There is rigor and depth to the knowledge and skills the children learn.

5. All children will use their creativity.

Our children are given freedom and choice about the ways they look for answers in Science, and are encouraged to be creative and follow their own lines of enquiry in the ways they seek to solve problems.

6. All children will become happy, empathetic and confident citizens.

Learning in Science is collaborative and based on talk, supporting our children’s teamwork skills and personal development. The career possibilities that Science offers are explored.

How is Science taught at Henry Cavendish?

We constantly review our curriculum in order for it to be relevant and of interest to the children, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for the next stages of their lives throughout and after primary school. The progression of knowledge and skills the children need to learn have been carefully sequenced, and the summary of their learning journey in Science is below or click the link to enlarge.