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The 'Good News' News Show!

In continuing to promote children’s rights at Henry Cavendish and to support pupil wellbeing, this year, Year 6 pupils are launching their very own ‘Good News’ news channel, which will broadcast ‘Good News’ and ‘Good News’ only from around the world. Stories will focus on how children are enjoying their rights locally and globally and how child activists are working to help meet the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  Year 6 pupils will, and have been, involved in every part of the production process, from researching to editing (Article 12: Right to have a voice and be listened to.) 

Please see below for our first episode which was broadcast during Global Goals week.  See if you can spot some of the inspirational changes child activists are making to help reach Global Goal 13 Climate Action.

The Good News - News Show Global Goal 13