At Henry Cavendish we have a very active school Council.  These are children that have been elected by their peers to represent the views of their class. Our School Council has elected children from Years 2 to 6 at Balham and Years 2 to 4 at Streatham.   They are elected annually and the School Council meets with the Assistant Head Teacher every week. We believe that this experience of involvement and responsibility in their own school community gives the children an invaluable opportunity to develop as informed and caring citizens in a democracy

Our School Council have been responsible for significant changes and improvements to our school including:

  • Renovated school toilets
  • Class Councils
  • Upgraded drinking fountains
  • Water bottles
  • School rucksacks
  • Scooter racks
  • Improved school dinner procedures
  • Suggestions for new school library books

The School Councillor’s term runs from January to December with elections in January.