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What we think about our role

Here are just a few quotes from our School Councillors that sum up what they do and what they love about the role...


“My favourite thing as a school councillor is when you have to think how you could improve the school.  I would like to achieve some of the things. I want to be a kind and helpful person.”  Joe, 2G
“I liked being a school councillor when we did Sport Relief. I like talking about what we want to change about the school.”  Ciaran, 2G
“I like to think of ways to change the school to make it a better place. We run charitable events such as: Sport Relief, Comic Relief and more.”  Elsa, 5R

“My role as school council is fun because helping kids in need makes me feel helpful. Also we’re helping lots of schools and also my school.  We have achieved all of these things and I have enjoyed being with my friends and making new friends from different years.” Violet, 3A

“I enjoy being a school councillor because I like taking ideas from my friends and discussing them with the other school councillors. Since being on school council I’ve met new friends. It gives me the confidence to say what I think and listen to other people’s opinions.”  Eden, 3P
“As a school councillor I would like to achieve most of the things the students and classmates want. I would like to thank all of my classmates that voted for me. Being on school council gives me more confidence.”  Kimera, 5Y
"I felt happy when I was nominated to be a school councillor because I like listening to others and sharing it with school council.  I also think it is important for children to have their say and being a school councillor is a great way to have a say.  I also really enjoy discussing new things for the school. So thank you for voting for me.”  Eva-Sofia, 5M
"I want to achieve a good school, a good system and good people.  I’ve enjoyed asking my class how they want to change the school because I felt I was doing something good. Something that I have felt before. When I’m a school councillor I feel like I’m something big, very big.” Kalila, 3J
"I liked it when we did an assembly because it was all about Sport Relief and I liked that. I enjoyed when we had to say what we wanted in the school.  I would like to get some more things in the school.” Ava, 2P
"My favourite part of school council was a meeting with Mrs Hardy and we interviewed a teacher. We also did Sports Relief and an assembly. I’d like to achieve a lot of ideas.”  Pippa, 4H
"I enjoy being on the school council because I get to help make a big decisions. I enjoy helping our school.”  Livvy, 3C

"I felt so happy when I got picked for school council because it gave me a lot of confidence and I want to thank the people who voted for me. Now I’m a school councillor I love making things better.” Madeeha, 5Y