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Our Role Models

By representing all the children in the school, speaking out about the things they feel passionately about and working hard to improve school life for everyone, our School Councillors are role models for their classmates and other children in the school. 


We asked our School Councillors who they felt their role models are and why. Here are some of their answers.

“My role model is my Dad, because he tried really hard in Australia to get into England and he did.” Ava, 2P
“My role model is Usain Bolt because he challenged himself to play football and normally he is a runner.” Charlie, 2P
“My role model is Winston Churchill because he was a very good prime minister and he looked after our country very well.” Joe, 2G
“My role model is Charlie (friend) because he always says I’ve done really well.” Kalila, 3J
“My role model is my Grandma because she was in World War 2 and sacrificed herself for her friends." Violet, 3A
“My role model is my mum because she is very kind.” Rosa, 2J
“My role model is my mum and dad because they always tell me to try my best.” Livvy, 3C
“My role model is David Beckham because he inspired me to play more football even if I’m the only girl.” Eden, 3P
"My role model is Arslan because he is a great friend.” Anna, 4RB
“My role model is my doctor, Dr Blaney, because he fixed my ears when I had a hole in them.” Oliver, 3J
“My role model is Leonardo da Vinci because he is really precise with his work (a perfectionist).” Pippa, 4H
“My role model is Darcey Bussell because she pushed herself to achieve what she wanted.” May, 4SP
“My role model is Usain Bolt because he’s had false starts, but never gives up.” Nylah, 4H
“My role model is Duncan Goodhew because he really pushed to achieve what he was doing.” Emi, 4SP
“My role model is Ava Lovelace because she said that just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve. She made the first computer. She never gave up.” Daisy, 5C

“My role model is my mum because she always believes in me.” Teddy, 5R

“My role models are Shannon and Cheriece Hylton because since they were little they had a dream to be runners and they followed that dream.” Isis, 5C
“My role model is Perrie Edwards because she inspires me when she sings and she has a lot of confidence.” Madeeha, 5Y
“My role model is Amelia Earhart because she has the same name as me.” Amelia, 2J

“My role model is Ariane Grande because her songs inspire me to try my best at everything.” Eva-Sophia, 5M

“My role model is Mehan Markle because she is a feminist and she inspires me to be confident even in the hardest of times.” Abigail, 5M