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OutRight is Unicef UK’s annual campaign for young people, empowering them to speak out about the importance of children’s rights. Read on to find out about our current project and some of the projects we have worked on in the past:


In 2019, OutRight focused on children’s right to health, including breathing clean air where they live, learn and play. In 71 per cent of UK towns and cities, children could be breathing unsafe levels of air pollution.  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Article 24 Every child has the right to a clean environment, including breathing clean air wherever they live, learn and play.

It is important to us that we highlight the high levels of pollution that affect us in London and use our voices to campaign for change (Article 12 - We all have the right to be listened to). 

Our steering group, ECO team and school council combined forces to ensure that the whole school got involved with this campaign.  They allocated different activities and tasks to all year groups from data analysis to writing to our local MP about the pollution issues that we face.  


In 2018, Eco warriors and Steering group members combined forces to tackle an issue that is very important to them – plastic pollution. Together they have successfully carried out their own campaign ‘Plastic Fantastic?’ in a bid to reduce the use of plastic in the school and 
our local community.  They designed activities for each year group to carry out such as animations, litter picks, leaflet design and even wrote an online quiz to help spread the message that plastic pollution is affecting both our environment and children’s rights around the world.

Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities.  It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.