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Mid-Year Transfers

All In-year admissions (Year 1 to Year 6) are dealt with by our local authority

https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/school-admissions/in-year-school-admissions. If you have just moved to the area, or wish to transfer to Henry Cavendish you will need to contact Lambeth if your local authority if you do not live in Lambeth.


Once Lambeth have notified us that they are offering you a space, we will contact you to arrange an induction meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership. This meeting will last approximately, 30 - 45 minutes. We will spend that time getting to know you and your child and completing the required paperwork. This will also give you and your child the opportunity to ask any questions or tell us anything you feel will support your child settling. We will give you a brief tour of the school and introduce your child to the class teacher and the class.  All new children joining the school other than in the Nursery and Reception classes are allocated a ‘buddy’, who will make sure that your child has friends to play with and someone to help them find their way around. 


Parent Tours

Parents are welcome to have a tour before they make the decision to change schools. The tour will give you the opportunity to see how we do things. The tours last approximately 30 – 45 minutes, you will be among either 3 or 4 sets of other parents and this will be led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


If you would like to come and have a look around either of our sites please contact the school office and they will be able to give you the next available dates.

Email: office@henrycavendish.co.uk

Telephone: 020 8673 3376