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Maths Curriculum Intent


1. Our curriculum will represent, value and celebrate the diverse society in which we live

Throughout the year, we seek to invite STEM professionals from diverse backgrounds into school to share their experiences of Maths in the real world. 

2. All children will develop into confident, articulate communicators.

Our Mathematics curriculum is designed to ensure there is a ‘deeper understanding’ of mathematical concepts from the Early Years through to the end of Year 6. This ensures the children are confident mathematicians able to communicate and articulate their conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts.

3. All children will be challenged.

Following a mastery approach, our Mathematics curriculum challenges the children to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately.

4. The topic and content of our Curriculum will be varied, immersive and engaging.

Maths at Henry Cavendish is exciting and engaging, and practical wherever possible. There is rigor and depth to the knowledge and skills the children learn.

5. All children will use their creativity.

Our Mathematics curriculum aims to develop independent learners with inquisitive minds. Children are encouraged to think creativity about the different ways to solve problems and the different equipment they could use.

6. All children will become happy, empathetic and confident citizens.

Children recognise that mathematics underpins much of, and is essential to, our daily lives.  We teach our children how to use Maths as a tool to make sense of the world around them by developing their ability to make rich connections across mathematical concepts.


How is Maths taught at Henry Cavendish?

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Calculation Progression

We have thought carefully about how to ensure your child develops and consolidates a secure understanding of place value and calculation as they progress through their time at Henry Cavendish. The document below will help you support your child with the methods we are using in school.